Saturday, April 30, 2011

royal wedding

i know a lot of people were excited for the royal wedding months ago, but it took me until yesterday to muster up anything beyond curiosity. which is weird, because i used to be such an anglophile. maybe it's because i hate doing things if everyone else is, or because i am not a super-romantic girly girl.

but i did turn on the tv yesterday, at a normal hour, and caught bits and pieces of the big event. i couldn't believe how loud the crowds were and it makes me a little bit sad to think of how many people they had to share their special day with, but it was fun to watch and so lovely. i enjoyed learning bits of history and trivia and loved seeing everyone decked out. oh the hats!

i thought that kate looked beautiful. i've always loved lace wedding gowns and i love to see brides looking more elegant than sexy.

i also loved kate's sister, pippa's dress. first of all, pippa! best. name. ever. and i can't believe she wore white! i think her dress would even make a beautiful wedding gown.

here's my favorite outfits. oh how i wish we dressed up like this.

posh and becks. look at those shoes!

zara phillips, cousin of William

Princess Victoria of Sweden

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice

Lady Amelia Spencer, Lady Eliza Spencer, and Lady Kitty Spencer

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McKenna said...

I too wasn't really curious until yesterday, but now find myself into it perhaps a bit too much. I'm totally fascinated with the royal family! Sorta wish I belonged to one...

jb said...

I, too, avoided getting into it, but I watched it after the fact and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Good thing I didn't get into it before. I think Kate is sooooooo beautiful and the wedding/whole story is EVERY WOMAN'S DREAM. It's a freakin' real life fairytale!!! Also, I am with Pippa's dress. I want it. As you can tell, I am now unecessarily obsessed. :)

west coast girl said...

oh i agree. i wasn't into it at all until i started watching and then i was hooked. i loved the dresses too- and i was so glad she went so classy. but at the end of the day, i was super glad to have had a wedding in a backyard, with my closest... 800 friends...cough. but seriously, she was like panting in that church- so much pressure!! a true cinderella story though, and we do love those!

Brittany said...

isn't it funny how we all ended up loving it? i guess we're all girls at heart! and yes, jessi, i am going to have to get pippa's dress. somehow. meg- your wedding was lovely.