Sunday, March 28, 2010

i'm late, i'm late for a very important date!

i know, i know- but better late than never, right?

i loved . . .

the john hughes tribute. i'll admit i got choked up seeing ferris, ducky, and molly up there. i grew up watching those guys and they have a special place in my heart.

hosts alec baldwin and steve martin killed it. no argument. but maybe it helps that i think steve is the funniest man alive.

tina fey and robert downey jr. as presenters were funny and reminded me why i watch and love everything they do.

ben stiller in full avatar costume. held my breath waiting for james cameron to come up and punch him. phew.

jeff bridges' acceptance speech. dude, man, you're awesome.

sandra bullock's acceptance speech. dang she made me cry.

kathryn bigelow. proud that we have the same name. embarrassed that the hurt locker has been sitting unopened on my desk for too long. i'll get right on that.

ok, now to the important stuff:

[zoe saldana] in love with the pom poms

[vera farmiga] bold choice, gorgeous details
picture from

[sandra bullock] classy and beautiful, if a little boring.

[rachel mcadams] monet in a dress. can i buy this please?

[miley cyrus] if only the top fit correctly, she would've knocked it out of the park.

[kristen stewart] if you squint, it almost looks like she's having fun. seriously though, one of her best looks.

[jennifer lopez] i'm a sucker for the huge poof. see: eva mendes, golden globes 2009

[carey mulligan] not a huge fan of the dress, but i love her pixie cut + huge earrings.

[cameron diaz] winner for overall gorgeousness. from the hair to the lipstick to the right amount of sparkles, it works.

if anyone's still reading, what did you love?

all pictures (unless otherwise noted) from

what's stuck in my head . . .

sometimes when i get new music i listen to it until everyone around me is sick of it and i know every word. case in point: i've been listening to these three albums and assorted singles nonstop for weeks now with no end in sight.


[rihanna. rated r]

[ingrid michaelson. everybody]

[vampire weekend. contra]

justin bieber: baby (fastforward through the irritating interlude, of course)
the script: break even
onerepublic: all the right moves
jason derulo: in my head

please don't judge. i enjoy a good sugary-sweet pop single from a child every now and then.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

one for one

i finally went out and bought some Toms last weekend. i was on the fence about them because i thought they were kinda funny looking yet i wanted to support their cause. the verdict? they're so comfortable i may never wear another pair of shoes again! and they actually look pretty cute.

i went practical and just bought a neutral color, but after browsing the website i now want all the fun patterns. at least this is one shoe purchase i feel really good about.

want to know more about Toms' movement to give shoes to every child in need?
visit their website,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

now i'm a real grown-up

since i moved back home i've been on the search for the perfect desk. my bed and dresser were just not cutting it. i searched craigslist, target, all the usual suspects and had pretty much given up. i was out running errands with my parents and we randomly decided to run into a furniture store and check it out. we were winding our way through their basement warehouse and literally bumped into my future desk. it was love at first sight. the wonderful people at stanton's in beaverton gave me a wonderful deal on the desk and matching chair that i am now typing this from. it's apparently a mission-style desk [i learn something new every day!] and is untreated pine. now all i need to do is stain it and start organizing all the junk that has already materialized on my desk.

[actual desk]

i also want to replace the drawer knob with something more fun and found a couple great options from anthropologie. where else can you buy fun drawer knobs?

[Granita Knob]

[Coiled Rope Knob]

[Framed Facets Knob]

dear mom & dad . . .

Happy 25th Anniversary!

[engagement picture]

[wedding toast]

[cutting the cake]

pretty sure they won't see this today since they're on vacation, but for what it's worth, i love you Mom and Dad! hooray for 25 years!

i'm back!

it seems like forever since i've blogged, and it is so good to be back! i am really happy with my clean new look and especially love my new header! i learned a lot during the redesign and it was great to have such a talented designer to work with! i highly recommend Mallory Freed to anyone in the Portland area looking for graphic design help.

this week look for posts about some exciting news, my new favorite albums, recent shopping finds, and of course, my belated Oscar recap.