Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Awards Season Has Arrived!

Being an all-things-Hollywood junkie, awards season is like my mecca. (Did I use that word correctly? Doesn't seem quite right) In the dreariness of winter, I like nothing more than tearing up at acceptance speeches and video montages and critiquing all the outfits. The Globes were last Sunday, and I nearly missed it because I was nannying. I loved the Slumdog sweeps, especially how they played the killer score every time they won, Sally Hawkins charmingly unrehearsed speech, the beautiful Steven Spielberg presentation, Tina Fey's "suck it" speech, and Colin Farrell's surprisingly touching speech. And now to the dresses:

Amy Adams looked amazing. I love the length of the gown, the sparkles and how simply she did her hair and jewelry.

Rumer Willis, Miss Golden Globe had the best dress in my opinion. The color, texture and belted waist all worked great together.

Eva Mendes

Sandra Bullock

I love these two white dresses and how they jazzed up the simple palette with great jewelry.

Miss Maggie took a risk in this dress, but I loved it. Once again, the belted waist is a hit and the one shoulder is just the right amount of frill.

Tune in for the SAG Awards January 25th and the Oscar Nominations January 22nd!

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meg said...

i totally agree... and couldn't be happier about the slumdogs.. love love love it. and that white dress.... mmm. so glad you are back on the bloggin map girl!