Thursday, November 3, 2011

let's debrief.

i am always so excited for new fall tv shows, but also a little stressed because there's always too many shows and not enough time to watch them. this year i did a little editing and dropped a few shows that i could live without and made room for some new ones. i can tell the shows that i like the most because i watch them right away each week and can't wait for the next episode. here are those shows that i can't wait to watch:


i cannot tell you how excited i was to hear that SMG was coming back to tv. this show is scary good and suspenseful and the mystery just keeps getting better and better.

2 Broke Girls

i started watching this out of curiosity and keep watching it because it is so funny. full of innuendos and double entendres, this is for sure not one to watch with little ones but i am loving it. i love the odd couple-y vibe and the fact that kat dennings makes me cry-laugh.

Person of Interest

this show has such a great cast and premise that even if it was bad, it'd still be so good. but it is actually so well done. i love jim caviezel from back in the days of count of monte cristo and of course, michael emerson killed it as ben linus, so they're brilliant. the stories are exciting and rich and it feels like a movie every week.

Hart of Dixie

now, don't laugh. this show is never going to win any awards or be critically acclaimed, but it is so fun to watch and makes me happy inside. that's enough, right? i love rachel bilson and am happy to see her back on tv. i'm pretty sure no one really buys her as a successful surgeon, but it is fun watching her stumble through it. what i really love is the character that jaime king plays-- a great combination of gone with the wind southern belle and 1940s movie star. her outfits are incredible, take a look.
i'm going to have to do a whole post devoted to those outfits. to be continued.


did you watch without a trace back in the day? i'm pretty sure it was just me and my grandma but it was good, and i loved poppy montgomery on it, in her blonder days. now she's back on tv, as a redhead and with ridiculously buff arms. if you've seen it, you know what i'm talking about. apparently she is only allowed to wear tank tops so we can all be flabbergasted by her arm muscles. anyways, this show has a fun premise: a detective who remembers everything. this might get old after a while but i'm still enjoying it.

New Girl

seriously, how could you not love a show with zooey deschanel? while i despise her new tagline: "she's adorkable!" this show could not be more fun. she bursts into songs, is socially awkward, and of course wears the cutest clothes. i really love the relationship between her and the guys and am secretly hoping she and nick get together. this last episode was especially funny and delightful.

up all night

confession: i didn't love this show at first. i had to warm up to it. which is weird because i love maya rudolph and get such a kick out of christina applegate. perhaps my expectations were too high. but five-ish episodes later, i am fully converted. it's kooky but so funny. side note: did you guys watch christina's last show, samantha who? that was great tv.

Pan Am

my mom and i have recently started watching this show and we both love it. the characters are interesting and compelling and the period details are so fun--my mom had to explain what a girdle was-- and once again, the fashion is amazing. i also give them credit for making me cry twice in one episode--one time, just looking at a character's expression got me. sheesh.

not yet on the list:
i've been watching a bit of Whitney and Prime Suspect but haven't reached a verdict yet. there's
also a new show called Grimm that's set and filmed here in Portland but there's only been one episode. too soon to tell.

but what i want to know is what are you watching? what do you love? have you watched any of these shows? what do you think? are you as obsessed with the clothes as i seem to be? spill.