Friday, December 31, 2010

wrapping it up part 1

2010 was a great year--mostly since i finally made the decision to go back to school and grow up a little bit. i'm not good at documenting my life in pictures though, so i'll use my favorite medium to look back at the year--pop culture.

part 1? the music i loved in 2010.

i'm a huge fan of taylor because her songs are honest, earnest, and she's just so gosh darn likable. did any see her thanksgiving special? it was so fun--i loved getting a behind-the-scenes look. favorites: last kiss, enchanted, speak now, dear john

sara bareilles is easily my favorite musician. i went to her concert back in september--portland was her first stop on the kaleidoscope hear tour!--and was blown away at her amazing-ness. no one writes songs quite like this girl. if you haven't listened to this cd, please do so now. you won't regret it. favorites: hold my heart, basket case, gonna get over you, breathe again (really? i love every song.)

completing my trifecta of favorite female singer-songwriters, ingrid. her lyrics are so sharp and beautiful at the same time. i got this at the very beginning of 2010 and i'm still listening to it. favorites: sort of, are we there yet, everybody

can't leave out glee, right? "forget you" and "poker face" are all-time favorites, but i also love "don't rain on my parade," "take a bow," "i dreamed a dream" and "teenage dream." can't wait to see what they come up with next.

i just bought mumford & sons a month ago so i'm still getting into it, but i love it. it's different from what i normally listen to but the music is so stunning. i love their voices and the music helps my living-in-the-uk fantasy. favorites: awake my soul, after the storm, white blank page

broken bells. part of my goal to listen to different types of music, this album was a great find. i just love how it sounds, that's all. favorites: the high road, the ghost inside

totally an impulse buy, but i ended up loving rihanna's darker sound. this album was definitely all i listened to for a month. favorites: fire bomb, te amo, russian roulette, stupid in love

decided i'd see what all the fuss over paramore was about. i'm not much for screamy music but there's some pretty good stuff on here. that little hayley williams sure can rock. favorites: only exception, brick by boring brick

i just get a kick out of vampire weekend and this album especially. the music is great, but mostly it's just so fun to listen to and i always dance a little bit. which can be weird when i'm alone in the car, but oh well. favorites: white sky, run, holiday, cousins

2010 was a great year for music. what did you love? what are you listening to in 2011? i'm already working through my wishlist with my itunes giftcards. thank you, christmas.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

we need a little christmas

all i want to do is relax in front of a few of these movies while i wrap my presents and make a treat or two.

the favorites:

little women


the holiday--and don't you just love iris' little cottage? i'm dying to live in a little place like this

family stone

you've got mail

and these next two aren't technically Christmas movies, but they're magical and i love watching them at this time of the year.



and some old classics i've always been meaning to watch:

holiday inn

meet me in st. louis

white christmas

just noticed that claire danes is in three of these movies. weird? maybe i should just invite her over for Christmas.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

All I want for Christmas . . .

a cozy scarf like this one from secret pocket.

clogged boots like these from madewell. or the much more expensive swedish hasbeens.

a pretty, delicate gold necklace like this one from elephantine.

i'm in love with this vintage pajama set from j. crew

i checked this cookbook out from the library and while the recipes look delicious, i really want it for all of the food and health explanations.

i'm totally shocked that i'm saying this, but i think i want an eReader. i love the experience of reading a book, but when i have 10 books checked out from the library at one time, the thought of being able to carry them all in one is very appealing. i actually went in and played with some at borders and that helped win me over. i like the amazon kindle the best, although the touch-screen sonys were nice, too.

the 4th season of FNL, so that i can catch up before the 5th season starts

an itunes giftcard so i can buy some new music, like bruno mars, kings of leon, brandon flowers, and florence + the machine

what are you wishing for?