Saturday, December 13, 2008

Going Home!

This is my last weekend in D.C. and I am going home on Monday! I am so excited to go home and see everyone. I'm also excited for:
-Dad's breakfasts (french toast, waffles and chocolate chip pancakes mmm)
-Buddy and his oh-so-soft fur

-quality time with the DVR and big screen
-watching the 4th season of LOST on said tv
-sleeping in a comfy, big bed
-grocery shopping in a real store
-Christmas movies with the girls (Little Women, Meet Me in St. Louis, Holiday Inn, Family Stone, Santa Clause, Elf, Miracle on 34th St, am I forgetting any?)
-singing around the piano
-baking (trying out a new sugar cookie recipe this year)
-making Christmas morning breakfast (any ideas?)
-watching family videos newly archived on dvd (thanks Leah!)
-going places in a car/driving a car (i miss being able to sing along to my music...can't really do that on the metro)
-finishing my very own quilting/sewing project with Mom
most of all, i'm excited to be with these guys!

(don't expand, it's a scanned copy and kinda fuzzy)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Best Movie I Had Never Seen

I am so mad that no one has ever told me about this movie! And also that I had never seen Mr. Newman in a movie before. Maybe that's a good thing because I could hardly contain myself. Ms. Woodward, you are the luckiest woman. But it really was such a great movie. Go watch it.

I loved watching the featurette about the making of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, including how well the cast worked together and what a springboard it was for the two leads. All I know is, I might be spending my Christmas vacation watching every movie Mr. Newman and Ms. Taylor have made.

Don't laugh at my picture choices, please. Let me have my moment. :)