Thursday, February 23, 2012

grammys 2012

i don't usually watch the grammys but i wanted to see adele perform so i tuned in. i remembered why i don't watch them--it was so boring! there were only a few performances that i enjoyed [adele, jennifer hudson, katy perry, paul mccartney, adam levine's beach boys tribute] and i mostly fast-forwarded the rest. the red carpet was so hit and miss. there were a lot of crazy outfits but a few good ones stood out.

taylor swift. such a different dress for her! i had to include the back, it's so pretty!

jessie j. aside from her too-severe bangs, i love this look. the metallic is awesome.

carrie underwood. also very different from her usual but i love it. it was hard to tell what the texture was but it's so pretty.

katy perry. i'm a huge fan so i was so excited to see her--even though she sang my very least favorite song ever. her new song sounded great and i thought she looked so beautiful on the red carpet. i do wish she would go back to a less crazy hair color--the blonde was so cute!

adele. didn't even recognize her! love the new hair, sassy makeup and gorgeous dress! it sparkled so beautifully on screen.

and her other outfit. love the polka dots! i was so moved by her performance but even more so by the audience's reaction. i love to see artists supporting other artists. she even made rihanna cry!

did you watch? what was your favorite performance?