Monday, May 28, 2012

Spring Break 2012

We don't usually go anywhere big during Spring Break, but we do try to go on small day trips.  I'd been wanting to go to this Wildlife Safari for a long time.  I love animals but I'm not a big fan of zoos.  It's so sad to see the animals in cages that are way too small and nothing like their natural habitat.  At the same time, it's really fun to be able to see animals that you might not ever get a chance to normally.  That's why Winston Wild Animal Park is so fun!  You get to drive around and see animals hanging out in tons of space and having a great time.  All of these pictures were taking from inside our car or at the indoor village.
Miniature Horses!
so tiny!
one sassy llama
Baby pygmy goats!
I reallllly want some food!
Black-tailed Deer
Look at those tails!
What a cute face!
Almost got it to turn.
Huge Tortoise
Brown or Grizzly Bears.  I love their little tails!
These bear siblings were so fun to watch...
One bear was playing with a stick but his brother took it from him...
But not to worry, his sister brought him a new stick to play with!

Posing for the camera
What beautiful turkeys! Who would want to eat them?!
This guy was really enjoying his mud bath.
Totally submerged in the water.
Dromedary Camel
Don't mess with this dude.  A friend of ours got bit by him!
Black swans
Flamingos...where is the other leg?
Zebras waiting out the rain.

back to our regularly scheduled programming

turns out i'm pretty bad at multitasking.  i got a long-term substitute position in march and while it was great to be working, it was hard to find time for things like blogging.  and nearly everything else.  it's winding down now and as i'm about to graduate from my master's program, i have more time.  i'm going to be catching up for a while so bear with me.

while i'm getting back into the hang of things, you can see what i'm up to here:
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side note: it's always a nice reminder of how long i've been gone to log into blogger and see that it's all changed! what the what?!