Saturday, March 3, 2012

oscars 2012

i had big plans to watch all of the must-see movies of the oscar season. here's how i did:

oh well, i still enjoyed the show!

we all put in our votes at our little party and there were a few categories i agonized over.

i just could not decide on a director and i was torn between george and jean for best actor. i started out on a roll, and i was 3 for 3 before it all went downhill.

as you can see, i bombed on the first half of the show. also, does anyone know the difference between sound mixing and sound editing? jessie m., i'm looking at you

i thought i had the screenplays totally set. i was so bummed about bridesmaids! although i loved midnight in paris, i was really rooting for those girls.

i was super shocked about the viola/meryl shakeup. i thought viola had it in the bag! i also thought that george's performance was so great in its subtleties. no problems with jean winning, though. could he be any cuter?

i lost miserably, and my dad won with 17 correct guesses! here's to better luck next year!

i thought billy was pretty good. not his best, but much better than last year. my favorite part was the vignettes of actors talking about movies. i could watch those for hours. it's fascinating! i so loved reese admitting her go-to-feel-good movie was Overboard! i love that movie!

what did you think? any surprises? any disappointments?

on to the gowns--

rose byrne. still loving the hair and really loving those sequins.

penelope cruz. anyone else getting a grace kelly vibe? so lovely and unexpected.

octavia spencer. just amazing. this picture does not do it justice! the beading was just exquisite on tv.

natalie portman. polka dots! i want to know what her anti-aging secret is. she looks amazing!

milla jovovich. i loved this dress. the styling was also so great.

viola davis. i love anything green, that's a given. but still, she looked so beautiful.

michelle williams. beautiful color, fun shape. not a fan of the pink purse + red dress.

maya rudolph. maybe not the most amazing dress of the night, but the color looks great on her and i loved her hair/makeup.

kristin wiig. phew! i was so worried about what she was going to wear but this far exceeded my expectations. i just wish she would branch out and wear some color--she loves her nudes.

jessica chastain. stunning. the dress is one of a kind, and i think her hair was the best all night. so romantic and not fussy.

busy phillips aka best friend of the year. this didn't get a lot of attention but i absolutely love the grey + lace. something i would wear.

stacy kiebler. this dress looked like liquid gold. great choice for her. plus her hair and makeup are so pretty.

emma stone. who cares if it's not original? she looks great and it's a beautiful dress!

cameron diaz. so simple and so pretty. i'm loving her new short hair and those arms that are an inspiration!

berenice bejo. just so beautiful and ethereal.

gwyneth paltrow. shutting. it. down. i'll be the first to admit that gwynnie does not always make the best fashion choices. but when she gets it right, she really gets it. the cape is awesome and the dress is even better on its own.

bonus round!
i found these pictures from the after parties and just had to include them:

kate hudson.

rashida jones.

cameron diaz.

claire danes.

diane kruger.

lily collins.

nina dobrev. the lone black dress in a sea of color.

what's your favorite dress? did i miss any?

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