Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oscars 2009

What a night! I always get so excited for the Oscars, even when I haven't seen many of the movies, and haven't missed since I was 10. There's just a kind of magic about them, all those movie stars together for one night, celebrating movies. This year was great! Here are the highlights for me:

-Hugh. What a stud. He brought much needed old-school glamour to the Oscars, and man, can he sing!

-that crazy musical number. some people hated it, but I thought it was so fun. loved the blink-or-you'll-miss-it appearance of zac/vanessa, beyonce's pipes, and the costumes

-the previous winners speaking to the nominees, also very controversial, but it was one of my favorite parts and a few of them were very touching

-penelope's acceptance speech. normally i fast-forward these, but hers was heartfelt and beautiful and in spanish and made me reach for blockbuster.com and queue up all her pedro almodovar films

-jen. she was radiant! loved her braid and catching glimpses of her and john in the audience. love them.

-taraji p. henson. overall, best look of the night. amazing hair, and a dress that i alternately want to eat and twirl around in.

-beautiful, beautiful dresses! surprisingly, from Miley Cyrus, who looks lovely, Marisa Tomei, never sure what she'll wear, Marion Cotillard, Best Actress last year, and Natalie Portman, always stunning.

-slightly disappointed by Kate, thought it was a weird dress, or two dresses stitched together, and didn't love the hair. SJP, what were you thinking?! Either your dress is 3 sizes too small, or you went a little crazy with the silicone.

So wonderful this year, and I loved watching it with the girls and remembering when I was little and got to stay up late on a school night and watch tv on a Sunday!