Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oscars 2009

What a night! I always get so excited for the Oscars, even when I haven't seen many of the movies, and haven't missed since I was 10. There's just a kind of magic about them, all those movie stars together for one night, celebrating movies. This year was great! Here are the highlights for me:

-Hugh. What a stud. He brought much needed old-school glamour to the Oscars, and man, can he sing!

-that crazy musical number. some people hated it, but I thought it was so fun. loved the blink-or-you'll-miss-it appearance of zac/vanessa, beyonce's pipes, and the costumes

-the previous winners speaking to the nominees, also very controversial, but it was one of my favorite parts and a few of them were very touching

-penelope's acceptance speech. normally i fast-forward these, but hers was heartfelt and beautiful and in spanish and made me reach for blockbuster.com and queue up all her pedro almodovar films

-jen. she was radiant! loved her braid and catching glimpses of her and john in the audience. love them.

-taraji p. henson. overall, best look of the night. amazing hair, and a dress that i alternately want to eat and twirl around in.

-beautiful, beautiful dresses! surprisingly, from Miley Cyrus, who looks lovely, Marisa Tomei, never sure what she'll wear, Marion Cotillard, Best Actress last year, and Natalie Portman, always stunning.

-slightly disappointed by Kate, thought it was a weird dress, or two dresses stitched together, and didn't love the hair. SJP, what were you thinking?! Either your dress is 3 sizes too small, or you went a little crazy with the silicone.

So wonderful this year, and I loved watching it with the girls and remembering when I was little and got to stay up late on a school night and watch tv on a Sunday!


Sarah S said...

I completely agree on SJP - I thought her dress/look was out of control.

And I really enjoyed how they presented Best Actress and Best Actor - I thought it was neat.

Rebecca said...

I also loved that actors/actresses presenting to the nominees. I thought that was really neat.

Nate & Sarah said...

it was so fun to see your blog and see what you are up to! i love the oscars too - just so i can see what all the actors/actresses wear. good to hear from you!

donelle said...

First of all...thanks for the compliment on the hair. You are too sweet! Secondly...I didn't miss a second of the Oscars either. LOVE THEM! I actually loved Kate Winslet's look. She looked very classy to me. But I think Jennifer Aniston was my all time favorite of the night. However, Ben Stiller's impression of Joaquin Phoenix was my favorite moment of the night by far! And seeing Zach and Venessa performing together...LOVED IT! I still haven't seen HM3...sadness. Wish you were here to watch it with me so we can ooohh and aaahhh at all the sappy parts!

Jeff and Whitney said...

Why aren't you on TV sharing your commentary? Well done! You're back in Portland! Missing the whole DC experience or glad to be done?

larissa said...

brittany! howdy stranger. so I saw a link to your blog on Whitney's so I thought I would say hello. can we please stay in touch via blog?? I am obsessed with them!!!
are you teaching? are you loving oregon?

Aaron and Whitney Johnson said...

hey girl! i saw today on a magazine that jennifer aniston is pregnant??? is that true??? anyways, yes, the paintings on my blog are for sale. :)