Saturday, December 13, 2008

Going Home!

This is my last weekend in D.C. and I am going home on Monday! I am so excited to go home and see everyone. I'm also excited for:
-Dad's breakfasts (french toast, waffles and chocolate chip pancakes mmm)
-Buddy and his oh-so-soft fur

-quality time with the DVR and big screen
-watching the 4th season of LOST on said tv
-sleeping in a comfy, big bed
-grocery shopping in a real store
-Christmas movies with the girls (Little Women, Meet Me in St. Louis, Holiday Inn, Family Stone, Santa Clause, Elf, Miracle on 34th St, am I forgetting any?)
-singing around the piano
-baking (trying out a new sugar cookie recipe this year)
-making Christmas morning breakfast (any ideas?)
-watching family videos newly archived on dvd (thanks Leah!)
-going places in a car/driving a car (i miss being able to sing along to my music...can't really do that on the metro)
-finishing my very own quilting/sewing project with Mom
most of all, i'm excited to be with these guys!

(don't expand, it's a scanned copy and kinda fuzzy)


Aimee said...

Have a safe trip, Britty! (Hope your mom gets to the airport to pick you up with all this snow we're having!)

I vote cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast - they're the best! But don't tell us if you make them, or we may show up on your doorstep :-)

Looking forward to seeing you!

Rebecca said...

Augh! I'm so sad, our car is jacked up! We wanted to go to your apt. yesterday to say bye to you guys. The clutch is out... we're taking it to the mechanic monday morning!!! I'll miss you girls though!!!!!!! Have fun with your family. I'm getting reusable shopping bags thanks to you ;) I'm excited and I've been wanting to do it for a while anyway. You're my inspiration.

Brittany said...

It was so funny yesterday, four different people knocked at our door and every time, I said way too excitedly "It's Becca and Jason!" And it never was. It was ridiculous how many people came by that weren't you. Hope you guys have a good Christmas!

meg said...

seriously brittanica.... waiting sweetheart, just waiting... how do we know what you are doing if you no blog por me?!