Wednesday, December 22, 2010

we need a little christmas

all i want to do is relax in front of a few of these movies while i wrap my presents and make a treat or two.

the favorites:

little women


the holiday--and don't you just love iris' little cottage? i'm dying to live in a little place like this

family stone

you've got mail

and these next two aren't technically Christmas movies, but they're magical and i love watching them at this time of the year.



and some old classics i've always been meaning to watch:

holiday inn

meet me in st. louis

white christmas

just noticed that claire danes is in three of these movies. weird? maybe i should just invite her over for Christmas.


Whitney Johnson said...

Christmas movies are the best! Fred Claus has become my new favorite though--vince vaughn is soooo funny in that movie!

Mallory said...

Agreed! Good movie choices:) My all tie favorite probably has to be Little Women!