Wednesday, March 24, 2010

one for one

i finally went out and bought some Toms last weekend. i was on the fence about them because i thought they were kinda funny looking yet i wanted to support their cause. the verdict? they're so comfortable i may never wear another pair of shoes again! and they actually look pretty cute.

i went practical and just bought a neutral color, but after browsing the website i now want all the fun patterns. at least this is one shoe purchase i feel really good about.

want to know more about Toms' movement to give shoes to every child in need?
visit their website,


Mallory said...

I love that the shoes have a cause! Plus, its always nice to have shoes that are comfy and fashionable! said...

crazy crazy...we're taking the world by storm.

i too was tempted by those sparkly silver ones, but practicality got the best of me. plus i already had sparkly silver ballet flats!

Aimee said...

Where did you buy them? I've been looking for some new comfy, casual shoes. Can you get them anywhere locally?

Brittany said...

i bought mine at nordstroms, just because i wanted to be able to try them on first.