Tuesday, March 23, 2010

now i'm a real grown-up

since i moved back home i've been on the search for the perfect desk. my bed and dresser were just not cutting it. i searched craigslist, target, all the usual suspects and had pretty much given up. i was out running errands with my parents and we randomly decided to run into a furniture store and check it out. we were winding our way through their basement warehouse and literally bumped into my future desk. it was love at first sight. the wonderful people at stanton's in beaverton gave me a wonderful deal on the desk and matching chair that i am now typing this from. it's apparently a mission-style desk [i learn something new every day!] and is untreated pine. now all i need to do is stain it and start organizing all the junk that has already materialized on my desk.

[actual desk]

i also want to replace the drawer knob with something more fun and found a couple great options from anthropologie. where else can you buy fun drawer knobs?

[Granita Knob]

[Coiled Rope Knob]

[Framed Facets Knob]

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