Thursday, April 28, 2011

help me out

all right. i'm seriously considering upgrading from a point-and-shoot to a dslr. i don't have aspirations to be a photographer; i just want a better camera that will let me take better pictures. all of you awesome photographers out there, what do you think?

i'm looking at the rebel xs

or the rebel t3

or the rebel xsi.

also, once i buy one of these, how do i learn how to use it?


Jerilyn said...

Ok I have been blog lurking for a while now (love your blog). :) Don't exactly remember how I found it though, friend of a friend maybe?? Anyhoo, thought this would be a good time to self-identify.

I LOVE my Canon Rebel XSi, but Nicole's blog "A Little Sussy" is great if you don't know what to get, and she also does AWESOME online workshops to learn how to use them. I have done several and learned most of what I know from her:

Here is her recommendation list:

Sorry for the long comment, but its worth checking out!! Good luck!!

Sarah S said...

I vote the T3. It's metering seems more advanced than the others and performs better in low light (i.e. indoors in Portland when it's raining and gray).

I took a few online classes at that I thought were decent. there are TONS of resources online though for free and I can forward a good link on to you that breaks down the basics of using a DSLR and what all the terms mean.

Also, the kit lens that comes with the camera is fine (the 18-55), but I think you'll like the 50mm 1.8 lens as well. They're both useful for different things. Sometimes the 50mm (which has no zoom, so you have to move to frame it how you want the picture to be) is too close, especially inside. But it's a great lens to use when taking pictures of people, and it's about $100, so a great price. Have fun!!

Laura said...

I have the T2i and really like it. I'm not very good at using it yet, but one feature I love is that it has video. Not sure about the 3 you're looking at, but that's a definite plus in my book for capturing all the funny moments.

adrienne said...

i have the xsi and i love it. really easy to use! and when you find out how to really use yours, let me know ;)

west coast girl said...

i don't know that i am much good to the conversation seeing as i am a nikon girl myself {its like a mac and pc thing i think...} but i want nicole's book- i hear it is fantastic- and she also has online classes i would love to take. or look up workshops in your area. chris sent me to one put on my a phoenix magazine and it was technically for beginners but really helped. i am sure there is something out there. good luck!

Brittany said...

@jerilyn- so glad you commented! i'm always so surprised to have readers that aren't family or old roommates. so fun! and yes, i do read ALS but i guess i totally forgot about her resources-thanks for reminding me!

thanks for all of the great advice, everybody.