Sunday, April 3, 2011

"it's called the ground, when it's outside"

7 things that made me happy this week . . .

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one: since my favorite episode of parks and recreation thus far was "Hunting Trip," i was so excited for this weeks camping episode. it is now my new favorite. i had a terrible time coming up with a quote for my title though because there were just so many great lines! like: "fishing relaxes me. it's like yoga, except i still get to kill something." or "i should lead a teen abstinence project." "that might be incredibly effective." and every scene with andy lost in the wilderness and tom's skymall tent. and also the last scene where ben was trapped in the crazy bed and breakfast. love this show!

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two: my new favorite breakfast. greek yogurt, granola, and fresh berries. so delicious and tastes like summer.

three: the beautiful sunshine this weekend! it has been a bleak winter and nothing lifts my mood faster than being outside on a lovely day.

four: the British miniseries, Downton Abbey. it aired on Masterpiece on PBS in January and is now out on DVD. the creator, Julian Fellowes, also wrote Gosford Park. i love everything about this. the intrigue, well-developed characters, amazing attention to period details, the clothes, the class hierarchy, it's all so good! it also makes me really excited for upstairs, downstairs.

five: people watching at the gym. it's great anywhere, but especially fun at the gym. you get to see awesome gym outfits, guys who act like they don't know anyone's watching them, but are totally loving it, and all while working up a good sweat! so entertaining.

six: i think i found my bridesmaid dress. phew! now i have to find the perfect shoes to go with it!

seven: planning a california getaway. so many people and places i want to visit and i hope i can fit it all in one trip. and maybe even sneak in a day at disneyland?! where would you go if you were in california?

. . . and 3 that didn't

one: going back to school and work after spring break. such a bummer.

two: my travel wish list is impossible! california, boston, seattle, new york, utah, france, chicago, memphis, austin, i can't decide! and i also don't have nearly enough money.

three: having to work this weekend and missing conference. good thing it's all online.


Kris and Cath said...

Number 1: I want to get into "Parks and Rec" but sadly it has not happened yet.
Number 2: I eat fat free greek yogurt with granola and berries- I can tell you the best combo ever if you would like.
Number 3: You will have to come visit me in CA! You MUST visit San Diego, including La Jolla. It is heaven.

Aaron and Emily said...

If you're driving, be sure to stop by and stay with us!

west coast girl said...

number 1- camping episode = hilarious.

what? you haven't been to san diego? maybe wait for your CA trip until later and you can visit me there!! we will be there as early as december... so...just sayin... if that helps you decide... ;)

...i know i know, its all about me...

Sarah S said...

One vote for Chicago!! :) But you have lots of great travel options on your list. Good luck figuring it out.

jess said...

Um Seattle. Hello? I am playing Marianne in Sense and Sensibility up here in June. Weekend trip? You have a place to stay!

Brittany said...

oh man, jessie, i have been trying to get my act together and visit you in seattle for ages. i can't say no to a place to stay! when does your show start? i'm just reading sense and sensibility now and it would be so amazing to see you in it!