Friday, April 1, 2011

let's talk chocolate

i just had to share some new chocolate products i have tried and loved.

i love hot chocolate, but i am very picky about the taste. my favorite is starbuck's nonfat hot chocolate because it is not too sweet. since it's not very cost effective to run out and pay $3 every time i want hot chocolate, i went to whole foods to find some alternatives. a very cute employee told me that dagoba has "won lots of awards" so naturally, i went with that.

well, it was delicious. it has a rich, deep chocolate flavor and isn't too sweet. i also love the little bits of chocolate that don't quite melt all the way. definitely my favorite starbucks alternative.

i love nutella. i love nutella on waffles with bananas and strawberries. my ultimate treat. so naturally, i was devastated when i found out that nutella is made with hydrogenated palm oil. until i found this:

sold at whole foods, this is a delicious chocolate spread made without hydrogenated oils, gluten, or trans fats. it's also fair trade certified. it has a slightly different taste than nutella, but is just as delicious.

what are your favorite chocolate treats?


Jessica Martin said...

I just took a chocolate class and learned to temper chocolate. We learned about the whole process from bean to bar. They used Guittard chocolate, and man, that is some good stuff!! I also love Rittersport marzipan...

wilybrunette said...

there's a chocolate covered pretzel that i get from the corner store. it's just one, a decent size, and only 100 calories. and for those calories it has a really punch! i love it--and no guilt.

regarding the camera, i wanted one i could grow into. right now the camera is WAY out of my league. i chose a canon over a nikon because i heard they were better in lowlight situations and there's nothing i despise more than a flash so....

i'm loving it but it was quite expensive, so i better be. next up: photography class and nice bag to protect the camera--i can't wait until i get better (eventually, i'll get better right?).

Brittany said...

jessie that sounds so amazing! the few times i've tried to temper chocolate i have failed miserably. still tasted good, though. meg, i love the chocolate covered pretzels from trader joe's but a big one sounds yummy. good for you for taking a class. you'll definitely learn a lot.