Thursday, May 5, 2011

this is my 101st post!

what's that you say? people don't normally celebrate 101 things? well, they do if they didn't even notice when they reached 100. but that's not important. i have a book to review!

i preordered this book as soon as i heard about it because, well, i'm lazy and i like getting packages. i was also incredibly excited because tina is easily my favorite person ever. and she's hilarious. i've been a huge fan since her weekend update days and she's still making me laugh.

bossypants is a quick read, more like a collection of essays than a typical book. tina shares how she went from working at the YMCA in Evanston, Illinois to creating 30 Rock. i opened my book to read before bed and was laughing out loud by the second paragraph. then i had to laugh inside because i remembered it was midnight and other people in my house were sleeping. and that's pretty much how the whole book went. i was reading it while eating lunch and had to hold it in because the other people at the restaurant were looking at me in annoyance. i read it while in a rehearsal for a church performance and happened to be silently laughing uncontrollably during a really serious part.

here's some gems:

from the chapter "there's a drunk midget in my house", tina offers some parenting advice. "'sleep when your baby sleeps.' Everyone knows this classic tips, but I say why stop there? Scream when your baby screams. Take Benadryl when your baby takes Benadryl. And walk around pantless when your baby walks around pantless" (243).

from a FAQ section about 30 Rock-
Q: How come Liz Lemon talks so much about food and overeating but she's not fat?
A: The character Liz Lemon has a rare condition called "orophasmia," where everything she eats immediately falls out her bottom like a ghost. This was established in episode 219, "The One About Liz's orophasmia"

so just go out and buy yourself a copy because you will enjoy it. or if you don't like to read, buy the audiobook so tina can read it to you.

if you just can't get enough tina, she's on late night with jimmy fallon tonight, and hosting Saturday Night Live on . . . wait for it . . . Saturday.


west coast girl said...

i want i want, i need i need! i am so glad you reviewed this cause now i have to have it even more. she is my hero, as you know. i listened to a clip of the audio too and i don't know if i would rather fork out the 21 to hear tina read it to me, or if i would rather have the book to hold everywhere too... love love.

west coast girl said...

oh and happy 101th post! keep it up!

Beth Lundgreen said...

i want to borrow this book! and i'm happy that i can now more effectively stalk you!

Brittany said...

meg- it's hard to choose, i know!
beth- so glad you can stalk me now. also, i'll bring the book next time i see you.

Sarah S said...

I love that Tina started out in good ol' Evanston and look where she is now! I can't wait to read this book.