Sunday, May 8, 2011

how was your week?

7 things that made me happy this week . . .

one: the 70 degree day we had this week. i drove with the windows rolled down and remembered what it was like to be warm. now if we could only have that every day.

two: the tuscan white bean minestrone at california pizza kitchen. so delicious. i'm working on my own recipe so that i don't have go drive over there every time i get a hankering. side note: all of cpk's soups are vegetarian!

three: finishing two books this week, one of which i'd been reading since january.

four: finding these gems at the library.

five: clean sheets and a clean room. i always sleep so much better when my sheets are warm and crisp and i don't have clutter everywhere. mind-boggling.

six: attending two family dinners and an adorable robot-themed birthday party for a two-year-old. family time is great. it might have been a lot for one weekend, but it was lots of fun.

seven: buying my mom a massage for mother's day so that i can get one, too. win-win!

. . . and 3 that didn't

one: getting a cold. i hate not being able to breathe out of my nose. it makes sleeping so miserable.

two: not having a good scanner so that i can upload a picture of my mom and me like all of the cool kids are doing.

three: thinking i had more time before my next semester of classes and realizing i start up again on wednesday. oh the things i was going to do!

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jb said...

Amy Krouse Rosenthaal is one of my favorites! "Little Pea" is pretty cute :) If you like her, you might like Oliver Jeffers...he's another one of my favorites.