Friday, May 6, 2011

need a laugh?

i have a new favorite show. i tend to be picky with my comedies, so i don't often get excited about new sitcoms, but this is one worth sharing.

happy endings is about a group of friends who have to figure out how to stay friends when a wedding goes awry. it stars casey wilson from saturday night live, elisha cuthbert from 24, eliza coupe from last season scrubs [did you watch that? totally loved dave franco!], damon wayans, jr., zachary knighton from flash forward [i think only three people watched that, so it might not be relevant], and adam pally from nothing i've ever seen before.

it is exactly my kind of funny. casey from snl steals every scene and i am officially in love with adam pally and his insanely long eyelashes. that's not weird, right?
the dialogue is fast and witty and damon wayans, jr. makes me giggle nonstop.

it's on abc on wednesday nights, right after cougar town. there are already 7 episodes, but they're quick and you can catch up on or hulu.

check it out and let me know what you think!


{lovely little things} said...

My friend told me she really liked it too, I ought to check it out!

wilybrunette said...

thanks for passing this on--i haven't seen any ads for it so i had no idea it was on tv!