Tuesday, May 10, 2011

thanks, mom

my mom saw my whining about not being able to figure out the scanner so she kindly uploaded these for me. so a couple days late, here's a couple great photos of my mom and me.

knee socks and an incredible homemade christmas dress with a pinafore.

don't you love her purple dress?! and my dad, tom selleck?

i had to share this one of my little sister and me because my mom made these easter outfits and got us hats, gloves, and little purses! incredible! see also my wall of bang.

looking for these pictures made me realize that i don't have a lot of photos of just me and my mom. mostly because we're the ones taking the pictures. all the more reason to get a better camera and stage some photo shoots.


Sarah S said...

Darling pictures!! I love looking at people's old photos and seeing the similarities in how you are today. Very fun.

wilybrunette said...

go get yourself that camera and get cracking. you and your mother are too lovely to not have tons of photos together.