Monday, February 28, 2011


is that a word? that's how i felt about last night's show. now that the excitement has worn off, i'm realizing that it just wasn't that great. i thought that because movies were extraordinary this year, the show would be, too. anne was trying so hard and i loved her song, but i'm not sure she and james pulled it off. i did have a great night, though. we had a little party at my aunt's house, stepping it way up from pajamas on the couch. delicious food and fun company. we all filled out our ballots before the show [even my dad!] and after a dismal start, i came out of nowhere for the win!


jude and robert. they were great in sherlock holmes and great on stage. next year's hosts?

russell brand and helen mirren were delightful. how about they host? can we just pick any two actors now? side note: russell just makes me giggle. loved him on snl the other day.

sandra bullock presenting. maybe the most enjoyable part of the night. kind of wanted her to stay up there and finish the show for us. [also my favorite red dress of the night]

christian bale. sweet speech, definitely earned/deserved that win.

colin firth. so dry but so charming. dance moves? immediately thought of what a girl wants and the leather pants. anybody else?

billy crystal. has anyone done it better than him? probably not.

anne's dresses. here are my favorites:

best picture winner. the social network was so good, but twenty minutes into the king's speech i knew it was the best thing i'd seen all year.


why wasn't mark wahlberg recognized? he was amazing and the fighter was a fine piece of work.

boring film clips. usually they're much better.

justin timberlake and mila kunis. they thought they were funny, but i just wasn't getting the joke.

true grit didn't win anything? really?

the goods:

so even though i didn't love the show, the dresses did not disappoint.

lots of sparkly dresses

hailee steinfeld. love everything about this. it's just what i would have worn as a teenager at the oscars. i voted for her even though it was a longshot. she was just so good!

mandy moore. i love the detailing, even though it's hard to see.

halle berry. best use of tulle.

hilary swank. best use of feathers.

michelle williams. man, she makes me wish i was blonde. and could pull off short hair.

amy adams. i love how a lot of dresses this year were more covered up but still very sexy. [can i say sexy?]

lace-y detailing.

melissa leo. such a cool dress. i couldn't stop staring at it.

mila kunis. lavendar lace. genius. but it looks like she just realized she forgot a snack and now she has to sit for 3 hours.

scarlett johannson. always a favorite. this one is very different but i love it.

runner-up for my favorite dress:

natalie portman. stunning. the color is amazing and she looks so beautiful. can i also just say that she gives lovely speeches?

my favorite dress:

cate blanchett. this one requires two pictures. i know it's different, but when i saw her on the red carpet, it was just gorgeous. her hair and makeup were fresh and pretty and this dress is just made for her.

so, what did you guys think?


{lovely little things} said...

Sandra Bullock's presentation was definitely the high.
And I didn't get the JT/Mila Kunis joke either...probably an inside joke, they are definitely hooking up

Andrew & Elise said...

About the "Banksy" joke... it's from the documentary called "Exit Through the Gift Shop," which was nominated this year. It's AMAZING and I totally recommend it!! It's on Netflix instant streaming too (which is another plus!) It's about a street artist named Banksy whose identify has never been revealed, but has his famous artwork all over the world.

Delaney Bigelow said...

I agree with all of your dress choices! I actually didn't see any dress at the Oscars that I DIDN'T like, especially Mila, Hailee, Cate Blanchet and Mandy Moore. Those were my favs.
PS. (You can say sexy)

Stephanie Córdova said...

Brit, I just love seeing your posts of award shows! It makes me wish I had a better sense for great films and better taste in fashion! It also makes me wish we lived closer together so we could hang out!

Kris and Cath said...

I always look forward to your celeb night posts. I agree with all of your comments. Also- chipped nail polish is the new look, didn't you hear? :)

west coast girl said...

couldnt agree more! great recap! i didnt have it in me to go back and find all the dresses- so thank you!!