Sunday, February 27, 2011

"skywriting isn't always positive"

7 things that made me happy this week . . .

one: the golden grapefruit i peeled and ate like an orange. messy, but oh so delicious.

two: the oscars are tonight! can't wait to see how everything goes down.

three: my discussion in the car with a three-year-old about why we don't eat our hair or something equally important. i thought it was sinking in when she interrupted me and said "brittany, that's enough talking now." grreeeat.

four: the new adele cd rocks my socks off. set fire to the rain and someone like you are early favorites.

five: a friend told me that she loves my "nautical style." loved this for many reasons. mostly, because i have a style (!) and apparently an over-abundance of striped shirts is legit.

photo from closetvisit via alyson

a snow day. couldn't have been more needed and appreciated.

seven: gwyneth is coming back to glee!

. . . and 3 that didn't

one: taking out my contacts with said grapefruit still lingering on my fingers. oh the burn!

two: the fact that both taylor swift and adele are coming to portland and both shows sold out immediately. so bummed!

three: being woken up at 7:00 on a snow day to kids rejoicing outside. go back to bed!

title from parks and recreation this week. always makes me happy.


west coast girl said...

a) just watched adele perform on one of those morning shows. i drooled a bit. i love her so much and i hope you get to see her.
b) gweneth on glee just might have been my favorite thing, and i too squealed when i saw she was coming back. and
c) yes i know what that quote is from in the title... that was a pretty funny episode of P&R... i am hooked on that too now, it might be your fault...

Sarah S said...

I love Adele!! She's fabulous. And Gwyneth too. I'm watching the Oscars on DVR now and trying not to fall asleep. Sad!! I love seeing the dresses.

Delaney Bigelow said...

I agree with all of these, especially the very sad fact that Adele is sold out! SUCH a bummer! I'm also super excited for Gwyneth to come back on Glee! Of course!