Friday, February 25, 2011

meatless meals

i have learned to be more creative in the kitchen since i don't eat meat. i've even learned to like things i thought i hated. i was having lunch at the nordstrom cafe a couple months ago and was disappointed at the lack of meatless entrees and eventually decided on the mushroom raviolis. i hate mushrooms, by the way. their texture grosses me out. but i decided to order it anyways (with no extra mushrooms on top, of course).
best. decision. ever. turns out i love mushrooms! as long as they're chopped up finely, they have the most delicious meaty flavor. since i don't want to run to nordstroms every time i want raviolis, i made it at home.

3 ingredients. so easy.

package of mushroom cheese raviolis [trader joe's and costco have the best out there]
alfredo sauce
sun-dried tomatoes

i like to chop up the tomatoes and stir them into hot alfredo sauce. it's delicious. even if you think that you don't like mushrooms, you really should try these.

what are your favorite meatless meals?

original photo courtesy of bluepupae's flickr


{larissa} said...

this one looks super yummy too-thanks for sharing
Garlic and Sund Dried tomato with chicken. hands down my fav.
it can be found on

Whitney J said...

aaron hates mushrooms too but i'm thinking of pulling a fast one on him and trying this mushroom ravioli! also, i have sun dried tomatoes on my grocery list and i CAN'T WAIT to use them. i love those things!