Friday, February 11, 2011

my year of living dangerously

probably since it's february i should write down my goals for the year. they've been rolling around in my head for a month but i keep forgetting to write them down. i thought about things i wanted to get better at or do differently and i realized that i'm a pretty safe person. i'm open-minded and i like to try new things, but only if there's no chance i'll fail. i don't take a lot of risks or challenge myself. i'd like to change that. here's what i'm working on in 2011:

try yoga for more than one week

run. on a regular basis. big goal: run in the hood-to-coast this summer. yikes!

travel somewhere i've never been by myself. or with someone if anyone would like to volunteer.

interview for teaching jobs. terrifying.

swim. with all that fancy breathe to the side stuff.

bake something involving yeast, kneading and rising.

talk to and make something happen with that guy. shoot. i wrote it; now i have to do it.

read the books that are on my bookshelf that i've been avoiding. scarlet letter, wuthering heights? i'm looking at you.

sew those skirts that i bought the fabric for a year ago. i won't sew my thumb, i won't sew my thumb.

work on my creative cooking skills. once you don't eat meat, cooking great meals gets a little bit harder.

find a place i love and get used to the idea of moving there.

i think that's good for one year. i'll keep you posted on how all of this is going.


Mallory Bigelow said...

Good goals! I think I should write down my goals, so I make sure I accomplish a majority of them.

jb said...

1. Come to me if you need any recipes with yeast - those are my favorite :)

2. I admire your running goals.

3. We must talk about this guy.

4. Where do you want to go? I'm always up for a vacation!!!

Katie Curtis said...

3. Ditto.

4. I'm in also!

5. I love Wuthering Heights!

Kell said...

"I'm looking at you"

wilybrunette said...

i'm loving these goals and resolutions. i've been getting adventurous in the kitchen myself and i have to say i'm actually really loving it. can't wait to hear as you accomplish each thing!

Sarah S said...

great goals!

and on your last goal... chicago chicago chicago! :)

Whitney J said...

i admire you for posting your goals! i'm trying to do more yoga too and also read more books. can't wait to see your progress on these :)

Charlotte said...

Next Tuesday (the 22nd) let's meet at the gym at 7:50 am, run on the treadmill for 30 minutes, then do the 8:30 yoga class. It's a good class!