Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2012

i love watching the SAG awards. it's shorter, the "i'm an actor" bits are fun, and everyone seems to appreciate the awards a bit more because they're from other actors. i also loved seeing all of the friendships. some are a given, like these ladies--

or these.

and some are more surprising, like octavia spencer from the help and josh hopkins from cougartown.

photo via ew.com

and how about these best friends?

photo via mydaily.co.uk
busy philipps (also from cougartown--see you on feb 14 guys!) has been michelle williams' date for all of the recent award shows. love.

viola davis. stunning. and best acceptance speech of the night.

loved these girls' dresses:

sarah hyland and

ariel winter (modern family)

shailene woodley- i loved how her dress matched her movie even if it wasn't the most flattering cut.

lea michele. i'm not including the full body shot because her leg is just too much. but her hair is so pretty and i love the bodice of her dress.

maya rudolph. lovely.

michelle williams. the lace is a nice touch.

jessica chastain. beautiful color. when the camera cut to her emotional reaction to viola's speech, i almost lost it.

jayma mays. huge fan of glitter.

emma stone. a bit crazy but she looks super cute.

and i always have to include my favorite couple, emily and john. not to mention the amazingness that is her green gown.

kelly osbourne. i just love those shoulders!

dianna agron. beautiful color and cut. and i love her braided hair.

ashlee simpson. surprised to see her and even more surprised at how great she looked!

rose byrne. a pantsuit! i am really digging her whole look.

and how cute is this guy? he is my new celebrity crush. the accent doesn't hurt. [jean dujardin]

did you watch? what did you think?

all photos via justjared.buzznet.com unless otherwise noted.


Kris and Cath said...

Wow. Amazing outfits. It would be SO fun to wear one of these dresses one night. Also... A pantsuit? BIG FAN!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Hi Brittany, my pinterest name is "missmich" Are you on there too?

Charlotte said...

Totally the SAG, would have been fun to watch! Are we still on for the Academy Awards?

Lindsay Bigelow said...

Thanks for the pictures! I don't watch the award shows, I just check your blog afterwards. It's better than a magazine!