Monday, January 16, 2012

golden globes 2012

can't believe it's already awards season! i especially love the golden globes because it is so fun and low-key. ricky gervais was great and i loved the morgan freeman retrospective. i've always been a big fan but i realized i have not seen many of his movies. maybe because he's done so many! i put a few on my list, including driving miss daisy.

i was a bit disappointed by the dresses last night. there were a few hits but also a ton of misses. hopefully they'll get better as the shows go on. here's what i did love:

emma stone. i'm not loving the eagle belt but the cut and color of this dress are great.

sarah michelle gellar. okay, it's a little crazy, but she looked great on camera and i loved her hair and makeup. plus her two-year-old daughter picked out her dress, shoes, and bag. so you gotta love it.

claire danes. this might be my favorite. her hair and makeup are great and she is rockin' this dress.

and now, all of the nude-y, peach-y gowns. which are typically my favorite, unless there's a great emerald or plum gown.

kate beckinsale. i'd argue that kate is the most beautiful woman ever. i'd love to be her for a day. seriously. the bodice shape is different and fun but maybe a bit small? love the shape and she's wearing a lot of jewelry but it totally works.

julie bowen. so romantic and floaty and fun.

jessica chastain. this girl was in pretty much every movie i saw this year. way to go. this dress looked so beautiful on camera but it's hard to see the pearl details in the picture. the only thing i would change is her hair. it looks too stiff for her.

jessica alba. don't believe she just had a baby. her makeup is great and this dress looks really good on her. i'd just take out the train. the dress is beautiful on its own.

charlize theron. i saw this dress on camera from the other side and i loved it a lot more. unfortunately, all of the pictures i could find were from this angle. the color looks really pretty on her and i love what she did with hair and makeup.

jessica biel. the detail on this dress is crazy. i love dresses that don't show a lot of skin but still manage to be so gorgeous. and can we talk about her hair? amazing! she is my hair idol. i'm taking this picture into my hairstylist and getting this color asap.

what did you think? did you watch last night? do you want to see the artist as badly as i do now?

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julie bowen photo via getty images
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Amanda Evans said...

Claire Danes was my hands-down fave, although I did like Charlize Theron's too, even though I usually hate headbands. Lots of great dark hair last night - a lot of styles that would look great on YOU, for sure! Kate Beckinsale, totally cute, but her upcoming movie looks completely ridiculous...

Kris and Cath said...

I look forward to these every time! Great post dear

Little Tree Vintage said...

these were some of my favorite picks too!