Thursday, January 5, 2012

christmas 2011

i know it's already 2012 but i'm trying to catch up on what feels like one hundred things so at least this post isn't coming to you in march.

christmas 2011 was awesome. all of us girls were home and we spent a ton of time catching up, eating good food, laughing too loudly, and watching a lot of movies.

my mom spent the last few months making quilts for us and we opened them on christmas eve.

amazing, right?

other exciting gifts were two dwarf hamsters for my sister. she loves them, but i'm thisclose to tossing their squeaky wheel in the garbage.

i bought my mom a record player because the top shelf of her closet is stacked with records that she can't play. turns out you also have to buy speakers if you want any sound to come out. whoops.

two of my sisters asked for footie pajamas and i guess they do make those in adult sizes. who knew?

my sister mallory is leaving soon to teach English in Ukraine so she got a lot of coats, scarves, and hats, including this stunner:

with the zebra pajamas, i think it makes her look like a seuss character. this is the best picture i took because we were all laughing so hard we could barely function.

my favorite present were these j. crew pajamas that are so soft i have to restrain myself from wearing them all day, every day.

we managed to see a few movies in the theatres, thanks to groupon for the many discounted tickets. we bought a zoo and sherlock holmes were big hits, and my sister and i really enjoyed the descendants. i was also very entertained by mission impossible: ghost protocol. when we weren't at the theatre, we watched a whole season of a terribly addicting tv show, pretty little liars. lots of good stuff was accomplished over the break and now it's back to regular life.

hope your holidays were relaxing and filled with family, food, and fun. on to 2012!


whitney johnson said...

Christmas with family is the best! especially when sisters are involved! :)

Katie Curtis said...

Yea for new pjams at christmas! You chose well!

Sarah S said...

seriously hilarious pictures. I was laughing really hard just now looking at the footie pjs pics. eli looked over at me like I'd lost my mind. looks like a great holiday!

Kris and Cath said...

That is my kind of holiday! Love the beautiful quilts that your mom made and man oh man if I owned those j crew pjs I would be in them alllll day! Miss you dear!