Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What I Watched Today

since getting a DVR, i've discovered how much i love daytime talk shows*, specifically Ellen, The Bonnie Hunt Show, and Regis & Kelly (when Kelly's not having a super high energy day). i love it because i can check the schedule and see if a guest i like will be on, and then i can fast forward through everything but the interview. i also love it because my dream job-- in an alternate reality where i don't need money and have connections-- would be to chat with actors and musicians and pick their brains. since that will never happen, i live through daytime tv and E!online.

today's viewing was Kate Beckinsale on Ellen. seen lots of her movies (Serendipity and Underworld come to mind), but never seen an interview with Kate. LOVED her! great sense of humor (someone give this woman a comedy!), loved her accent and how it sounded just like hayley mills, and dang it if she doesn't have the greatest hair ever. her outfit was pretty enviable, too.

here's the video, but i'm only including it so you can see her hair, i'm not suggesting you watch the whole thing unless you too have no life beyond tivo-ing daytime talk shows.

*i also love one late-night show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, but that deserves its own post.

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