Tuesday, September 15, 2009

something pretty

through several blogs recently, i've discovered a wonderful online shop called Old Soul New Heart and aside from being such a well-designed website (how cute is their shop title?!), the stuff they sell is pretty amazing. i'm totally into headbands and pretty necklaces right now and this store is just the ticket. here's my favorites:

"Calls for Red Lipstick"

"Triple Threat"

"Year of the Necklace"

"Bow Tie Not Optional"

the model is also the co-designer/owner and a fellow BYU-er. neat, huh? i totally want to steal her red lipstick.


swell.life said...

wow, such cute stuff. thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

Oh I know...so cute! I saw this on a couple other blogs and feel like she's the kind of woman that can pull off red lipstick.