Monday, September 21, 2009

Emmy Recap

Ok, let's get down to business:

-Neil Patrick Harris as host was genius. This man can do no wrong! I loved him as Doogie, love him even more as Barney (How I Met Your Mother on CBS) and if he could just host every award show from now on, I would be content.
-The miniseries/movie montage was gripping, exciting, and moving. Clearly, I should have been watching more miniseries this year.
-Grey Gardens won! No award for Drew, but two out of three is still pretty good. And how beautiful was Jessica Lange's speech?
-Kinda bummed that Kristen Wiig didn't win, since she's so talented, but Kristin Chenoweth pretty much broke my heart with her speech so I'm ok with it.
-Don't get me wrong, I love Sarah McLachlan as much as the next person, but "Angel," really? Isn't that song like 10 years old? I'm sure there was a newer song that would have worked just as well.
-I might have teared up a bit when all the HIMYM cast came out together + NPH at his host podium. Sad that I actually picture them as real best friends in some alternate television universe.

Now on to the dresses:
Since it was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I was sick, I watched hours (I know, I know) of red carpet footage. A lot of the gowns looked better in person, and don't translate well to pictures so keep that in mind. Yes, I'm aware I said "in person" when I, in fact, was on my couch. deal with it.


January Jones [Mad Men]
blow it up, it's even more gorgeous

Alyson Hannigan [How I Met Your Mother]
girl just had a baby a few months ago!

Toni Collette [United States of Tara]
so fun and flirty and she looked great accepting her award

Chloe Sevigny [Big Love]
love the dotted fabric, even if it's a bit see-through

Kate Walsh [Private Practice]
this is my favorite. grey, gathered, and fitted bodice. doesn't get much better than that.

Drew Barrymore [Grey Gardens]
kudos to Drew for this ladylike -dare I say- confection of a dress.

not so much

Leighton Meester [Gossip Girl]
this could have been great, but it looks too big and her hair is messy.

Tina Fey [30 Rock]
Tina, you're Tina freakin' Fey! don't be so boring!

Blake Lively [Gossip Girl]
Blake, we know you have a great body, and yes, you look amazing in red. but do we have to be so awkward with the boobs and all? your grandma is probably watching.

well, that's all until next year.


Lindsay said...

ooooohhhh baby. neil is gorgeous. too bad he's gay. we'd be an adorable couple.

Sarah S said...

I loved your recap, especially since I didn't get to watch the Emmy's this year. I totally agree with your likes/dislikes. And it makes me sad, because I have a secret love for Gossip Girl, so seeing the actresses like that is disappointing. said...

Hi Brittany!

Thanks for the Emmy dish...I am so out of the loop!

Just wanted to pop in and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and also to answer your question regarding the onesies + chicken costume. :)

I put the 2 together, one inside the other and just sewed around the edges to make a case, leaving a small opening near the neck for stuffing. (Of course I was careful not to sew the hand and leg holes shut!) Then I stuffed cotton in between the two and sealed it off. It looks like a puffy muscle man shirt, only now w/ feathers!

Diana Hulme said...

Hi - here's the recipe for German Pancakes:
German Pancakes

6 eggs
1 cup flour
1 cup milk
1 tsp. salt, scant (a little less)
5 Tbsp. butter
Put butter in 9x13 pan and place in HOT 400 degree oven until melted. In blender, whip eggs until lemon color. Add milk & salt & slowly add flour. Pour into hot pan. Bake at 425 degrees for 20 minutes.

Meg Fee said...

thank you so much for your lovely comment and i know i'm late in posting on this, but i thought the emmy's were really well done this year!

Aaron and Whitney Johnson said...

looking at these pictures i always just wish us "normal people" had a reason to wear beautiful dresses and jewels. but oh well! just wanted to say hi! :)