Wednesday, October 5, 2011

marcel the shell

do you remember this guy?

here's the link also because i've been having trouble with videos lately:

marcel is a tiny little shell with the cutest voice: jenny slate from SNL. remember her doorbell sketch?

i miss her! anyways, this video made the rounds a while back and i just heard that marcel is going to be a children's book! read the full article here from entertainment weekly.


Beth Lundgreen said...

oh my gosh! that snail is the cutest thing EVER!!!

LeeLee said...

Love SNL!!

meg fee said...

ah, marcel the shell!! the best!

Lindsay R said...

haha i have never seen marcel but i LOVE it! so cute. and she does a great job on snl with the doorbells!


Ana Magdalena said...

new girl is my favorite show!!

ps: your header is super cute.