Sunday, October 30, 2011

i caved.

i'm one of those people that doesn't like to do something if everyone else is doing it. i'm stubborn that way, i guess. it took me forever to read harry potter and now i've joined the bandwagon on yet another series: the hunger games. still not jumping on the twilight train. gotta draw the line somewhere.

the great thing about joining late in the game is that you don't have to wait for the books to come out. i'm a genius, really. anyways, everyone and their mom has been telling me to read these books but i was convinced i wouldn't like a book where kids have to kill each other. i've been proven wrong. i'm now on the third book and have really enjoyed them so far. while i admit the subject matter is not very light and cheery, it makes for some seriously page-turning stuff! i'm trying to savor this last book and i'm very nervous about how it will all end. i don't want to be disappointed!

i started about a month ago so i knew about the movie and who was playing the main characters but i tried to forget about that and just read. the other day i was getting really curious who some of the other characters were going to be and stumbled upon this article from entertainment weekly [if you like tv, books, or movies at all you should subscribe to this magazine, i love it!]

they've released posters featuring the most prominent characters from the book. i thought i'd round them all up and give you a sneak peek! the article has the specific links for each picture. i couldn't find photo credit info for each picture, however.

while i didn't really picture lenny kravitz being the kind of person to play a character from a young adult series, i feel pretty good about all of these actors. i think the movie is going to be great and i can't wait to see a preview!

what about you? have you read the books? are you excited for the movie?

i'll leave you with this awesome collage of the posters.



Mallory said...

Well maybe I should give the first book a chance. I hardly read a few pages. Sadly the movie comes out while i'm in Ukraine.

Beth Lundgreen said...

i've been thinking i should read these too.

Amanda Evans said...

Yay!such a fun read ... Although I didn't love the second and third books quite as much as the first. Hmmm ... Lenny Kravitz, huh?

Katie Curtis said...

Loved the books. Can't wait for the movie.

west coast girl said...

This is why we're friends. I feel the same way - couldn't pay me to read more Twilight, wouldn't do it. But these just sucked me in and I liTerally cried when it was over cause I missed it already.... The posters gave me chills when I saw em too. Wish I could see it with you!!