Saturday, September 3, 2011

that one time i went to disneyland.

i met a lot of amazing people when i went to college, especially my roommates. now that we're adults and living all over we don't see each other very often. i planned a quick reunion weekend with my roommate shannon to california and we had a great time.

here's the highlights:

missed my flight out. first time for everything.

almost missed my new flight at 6:30 AM. picture home alone style mad dash through the airport.
finally arrived at LAX. commence celebrity watch 2011.
quick trip to disneyland + secret trick for avoiding lines.
hit the favorites @ california adventure. tower of terror. soarin' over california.

+ new little mermaid ride. took you long enough, disneyland. ariel needed her own ride!
hopped over to disneyland. first stop, waffle cone on main street. classic disney.

pirates. space mountain. fireworks show. pictures. hey, where did the big letters go?

ordered room service for a late night dinner + took over an hour= free!

lunch at clementine's to see another roommate, whitney. [seriously, check out her amazing blog]

shopping on melrose & robertson. LA blocks are miles long. also the maps in lucky's shopping guide are not super accurate.
saw an actor in opening ceremony [crazy store!] still haven't figured out who. my skills are rusty.
LA temple randomly on the side of the road. photo op!

brentwood country mart. no jenn garner. saw creepy ethan from LOST instead. ate really good salted caramel ice cream.
dinner at Soi 7 downtown. amazing pad thai.
movie night. thanks katherine heigl and josh duhamel.

brunch at toast. i had banana chocolate chip pancakes, S had cinnamon walnut. so good. red velvet cupcake to go.
S drives home, work on monday.
reading and relaxing by the pool.

bones marathon.
quiet hotel dinner. way overpriced.

4 hours early to flight. much better. read most of this. ate pinkberry. quiet flight home. so relaxed.

it was short and sweet and i can't wait until roommate reunion 2012!


Kris and Cath said...

So glad to see you back in the blogging world! What a fun time!! <3 yiu

whitney johnson said...

hey brittany!! i think that's the worst picture i've ever taken in my whole life, but it was sooo wonderful to see you guys and i'm glad you had fun on your trip! :)

p.s. the brown rice pasta brand we use is Tinkyada :)

Elaine said...

Nice! I love L.A...except for the horrible traffic! I'm so glad you were able to stop by the temple.