Tuesday, September 20, 2011

happy birthday, it's the emmys!

so the emmys are always on a sunday, but this year they were on my birthday! and my twenty-fifth birthday, to boot! someone knows me well.

did you watch?

while i was sad that friday night lights didn't win best drama, i was so happy for lead actor kyle chandler and writer jason katims! so much love for that show.

holy charlie sheen awkwardness! i was totally holding my breath the whole time he was talking. can you come back from crazytown? don't think so.

jane lynch was a good host. could have been funnier, but at least she wasn't mean funny. that's no fun. did you like her?

awesome opener-- loved the walking through tv sets, such a fun idea.

anything else i missed? i didn't take notes so that's all i remember.

on to the important stuff:

so much red this year, right? do you love it? i would be hesitant to match the red carpet, but i bet no one was looking at that with these ladies walking on it. stunning!

nina dobrev. i just love her and her show, the vampire diaries. totally teared up in the premiere. and i think she looks amazing. love her hair and the neckline of the dress. so glamorous!

sofia vergara. love the detailing on the dress, and it's such a beautiful color on her. not a fan of the jewelry, but who cares, right?

kate winslet. maybe my favorite. love everything about it.

lea michele. this one has an awesome back but i couldn't find a good picture of it.

kaley cuoco. i love the shoulder detail. and the shoes are so fun, don't you think? plus, her dad was her date! too cute.

heather morris. if you've been reading my awards post for a while, you know i love dresses like this. so romantic and flowy. and a beautiful color. just might have done the hair differently.

evan rachel wood. wow. this one is just a hair behind kate's for my favorite dress. it's so glittery! and i love the boatneck shape.

elisabeth moss. gorgeous detailing.

and the parks & rec girls:

rashida jones. great bodice, great shape.

amy poehler. so different, so fun!

aubrey plaza. i love the halter shape of this dress so much, but maybe in a different color. if you can't tell, the bodice has a ruffled detail on it. love it. and her hair and makeup look great.

emily blunt. just cause.

julia stiles. i love this color and the detailing of the bodice. and the neckline is so cool, but i would love it even more if she hiked it up a bit.


Rebecca said...

I love award show's and their red carpet parades!!! :) Evan Rachel was my fav. I LOVED the whole actress pageant style thing, the funny women are awesome!

Kris and Cath said...

I didn't get to watch but I saw tons of clips. Awkward Charlie sheen... He needs to get it together! Love Jane lynch- can't get enough of her! Hot outfits this year. Not a huge red fan but love the others!

R. Grace said...

The dresses really impressed me this time - the last couple award shows had been kind of blah style-wise.

Stephanie said...

Okay, Nina looked absolutely GORGEOUS and stunning. And did you see Charlie Sheen talk to Ashton Kutcher backstage?? AWKWARD.

Love your blog. I see you came to visit LA? Hope you had fun!

Have a great weekend!