Thursday, June 2, 2011

the rest of the trip

here's a quick rundown of my utah trip.

first stop: sweet potato fries and waldorf salad at guru's. of course.

crazy huge party at my sisters'- lots of cute boys that were way too young, scary games in the dark, guests staying well past 1:00.

french toast breakfast at guru's

shopping and running into this lovely lady.

finding these gems at target. super comfortable and easy to walk in.

dinner at pizzeria 712. marinated feta cheese and hummus. asparagus and endive salad with green goddess dressing, scallion, goat cheese and sundried tomato pizza, and chocolate cheesecake. plus an adorably quirky waiter.

rewatching of easy A, still a favorite.

delicious homemade dinner of tomato mozzarella paninis, and pea pesto.

justin bieber's never say never. a cinematic triumph.

overpriced crepes at roll-up crepes.

superfancy lunch at la jolla groves. felt like eating in a lemon grove. kinda cool but also overpriced. this is a college town, people!

visiting dearly missed friends.
les madeleines
bakery in slc. tried the signature pastry, kouing-aman and valrhona hot chocolate. marvelous.

kouing-aman from

>tulie bakery in slc. enormous grilled cheese and a pain au chocolat for the plane.

photo from

successfully navigating our way to the slc library. whoa. didn't have much time to explore, but it was awesome.

can't wait to go back!


whitney johnson said...

soooooooo jealous you got to eat at pizzeria 712!!! call me crazy but the best thing about utah is their restaurants! and the slc library is totally awesome :)

Kris and Cath said...

This sounds like so much fun! I love that you surprised your sis and you both had a ball! <3

Katie Curtis said...

I have some heels almost exactly like these, I think from Target even, and they are the best!!