Tuesday, June 28, 2011

my trip to the rainy city that was actually sunny and hot.

a few weekends ago i took a quick trip up to seattle to see this lovely lady in a play.

jessica martin as marianne dashwood, kjerstine anderson as elinor dashwood.
photo by alan alabastro photography

sense and sensibility, to be precise. it was a great trip and such a wonderful play. i had never read the book or seen the movie so it was a total surprise.

kjerstine anderson as elinor dashwood, jessica martin as marianne dashwood,
and aaron blakely as mr. willoughby. photo by alan alabastro photography.

very dramatic and heart-wrenching. now i'm reading it and really loving it.

i loved the design that the theatre, Book-It, used for the programs. it reminded me of these embroidered covers by jillian tamaki

i also got to hang out with the actors afterwards at a karaoke bar. i had only done karaoke at someone's house so it was quite the experience. i agonized over which songs to choose and was so nervous to perform--especially in front of professionals! i ended up choosing Dixie Chicks' "If I Fall You're Going Down With Me." it was a good choice because i knew all of the words and it was fun and upbeat. my back-up was the acoustic/glee version of Pokerface but i didn't get the chance to use it. next time!

i stayed in the Ballard area of Seattle and enjoyed walking around to all of the cute shops and restaurants. we ate lunch at a burger place that had the best fries i've had in ages. i can't remember the name but i'm sure jessie can help me out. it was such a beautiful, sunny day and i hardly recognized the city from previous trips. we even drove out to the beach and walked around. i was slightly confused as to how there could be a beach in seattle, but i was kindly reminded that there is this little body of water called puget sound. right.

the drive up was so beautiful and went by so quickly. i really should take trips like this more often. thanks for hosting me, jessie!


Aaron and Emily said...

Ooo I love that book! Love the movie with Emma Thompson, too. If you are ever in the mood for plays at the Oregon Shakepeare Festival, we'd be happy to host you!

Jeff and Whitney said...

I second the above comment! Love the book and the Emma Thompson/Kate Winslet movie. What a fun trip!

wilybrunette said...

how fun!! your friend looks absolutely lovely--how i envy that first experience of seeing sense and sensibility--nothing quite like it!