Sunday, March 13, 2011

grey skies.

7 things that made me happy this week . . .

one: the black druzy ring that i bought for myself. and the way cool jewelry store i found it in. pictures coming soon.

two: watching aladdin with my little sister because she had never seen it before.

three: hearing adele and mumford & sons playing during yoga somehow made it so much better.

four: stumbling across the 25th annive
rsary les miserables special on pbs and getting major goosebumps from nick jonas' performance as marius. check it out.

five: the lovely girls' lunch on friday. let's do more of those!

six: my always entertaining book club. we read nurture shock and i highly recommend it.

seven: finally got some decent headphones for running. now i just need an amazing playlist. ideas?

. . . and 3 that didn't

one: no parks and rec, 30 rock or community this week. getting low on my funny supply.

two: one sunny day this week and grey rainy days the rest. so ready for spring.

three: so disappointed with everything that transpired with this guy. took me a lot of hard thinking to come up with this happy list. still so grumpy.

here's to better days!


Brittany said...

grr. anybody else have trouble with font sizes? mine always get messed up.

Whitney J said...

sometimes that happens to me and I just go back in to edit the post and change the font to normal again. hopefully that works for you! and i am [also] seriously missing my thursday night tv!!!

Amber said...

Yeah... the fonts have a mind of their own. I need to know more about this jewelry store! I am sick of the grey skies too. This is the time of year when you ever wonder if it is going to end.... cause really is it?

Brittany said...

the jewelry store is called silverado and it's at bridgeport.