Sunday, March 20, 2011

awesome sauce!

7 things that made me happy this week . . .

one: discovering new music, like jessie j.

two: this SNL digital short.

three: the amazing pita wrap i had at the portland saturday market. anybody have a good recipe for tzatziki sauce so i can recreate it?

four: eating an apple the regular way, instead of cutting it up. so satisfying and dare i say it tastes better?

five: girls' night out at the canvas art bar & bistro. ridiculously amazing food and a fun atmosphere.

six: a mix-up in directions led to the most beautiful drive downtown, ending at union station. i didn't even know there was a train station in portland. i LOVE living here.

photo from

seven: p.rex is back! anybody else rooting for leslie and ben? i love them.

. . . and 3 that didn't

one: criminal minds. why are you kicking off all of the girls? not cool. kelly, i'm hoping you'll have some insight on this.

two: having to choose between an elephant ear and a crepe at the market. a decision i wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

three: trying on wide-leg jeans at GAP and not being able to see my feet. i don't think there are shoes tall enough to make them work. darn.


Kell said...

Are you referring to me on the subject of Criminal Minds, if not then slightly embarrassing haha jk. So, this is my take: CBS said, "oh hey-we need to spice up our network. Okay, 1) Criminal Minds spin off, that's going to take a lot of $$, but it'll be fantastic b/c no spin off has ever crashed and burned in TV history before [not the sarcasm, also the spin off CM: Suspect Behavior is forbidden in my apartment lol] 2) Tony on NCIS needs a new love interest after Jeane he was haertbroken but it's time, new actress however=more $$. Where are we going to get this $$ from? Well CM never had a huge budget when it first started and it took off like a rocket, we'll cut AJ and Paget and get all their $$ [and call it creative reasons to the press]. So, now we have $$ for spinoff, new blonde actress on NCIS, but shoot, we can't cut both females in CM w/o being sexist. We'll grab ANOTHER blonde, whose a nobody so we won't have to pay her a lot."
They failed to realize that these 2 new actresses would not be welcomed by fans with open arms. And I think the cast for CM: Suspect Behavior is a joke. I am very unhappy about these things. Also, CBS slightly realized it's monumental blunder and is asking for Paget Brewster to come back for season 7-but she's starting a comedy series and now has to decide :( I am so sad. I just want CM to go back to how it was.

Whitney J said...

HAHA! that SNL short is sooooo funny. i just watched it like 3 times. love it love it.

Brittany said...

kelly: i agree it's probably always about money. it's just frustrating. i was surprised how they ended emily's storyline, though. and i think i'm done watching the show. even though i love the characters, i'm mad. what new series is paget in?