Friday, October 29, 2010

where i've been lately

lately implies recently, but these trips actually happened in august and september, but hey, better late than never, right?

august i made the trip once again to utah, this time with a heavily sedated sister by my side [she'd had some last minute minor surgery and was undriveable, but entertaining none the less] and a mom in a caravan. it was quite the trip. and do i even have to tell you that it was all about the food? we did the old standbys: guru's, zupas, costa vida [where we excited at the same time the football team was entering. what a parade of men! made the mistake of calling my dad to relay the news and he nearly cried at the missed opportunity] and a new favorite: pizzeria 712. i'm sure everyone has already eaten here, but i moved just as it was getting big, so i'm still a newbie. the food was seriously amazing. i had to keep reminding myself i was in provo, and not new york. anybody that can make pickled eggs the best thing i ate all week is pretty awesome.

i also had the pleasure and great fortune of seeing the lovely meg in a wonderful production of romeo and juliet in the park. everyone did a great job and it was so fun to be outside. putting shakespeare in the park on my list of things to see.

september i flew with my sister to oahu to check her into college. we had so much fun and met a lot of great people. driving back to the airport in honolulu from laie, where the school is, was so beautiful. it felt a little bit like being in the jungles on LOST. and how cool is it that the hawaii 5-0 reboot is being filmed in honolulu? more on that later. here's some proof that i was really in hawaii:

temple beach. not as amazing as the beaches down in waikiki and honolulu, but surprisingly empty and peaceful.

the laie temple.

these plants were all over the island and i couldn't get over how much they looked like little birds!

me and mallory on the beach.

we went to the evening show at the Polynesian Cultural Center and even though it's a little expensive, i highly recommend it.

mal's dorm.

i need to start planning my next trip. ideas?


{lovely little things} said...

Fun trip!
You should go somewhere cold next, to mix it up :)

Rebecca said...

Awwww! I went to school there for a semester right before my mission. I love that place!! I worked at the PCC and when I saw all your pics I got really nostalgic. That place makes DisneyWorld look like the saddest place on earth.

Sarah S said...

You've had some fun travels!! We had a great trip to Mexico... maybe you should head there next for some cheap sunshine.

west coast girl said...

wow- you have been all over!!! ps- i heart pizzeria 712 and i may have had a few fantasies about it lately... sounds like you have had some good times. ps- i have been in the mood to make a few dozen rolls, and then hoard them. ;) fall always makes me miss dc + you.