Saturday, September 18, 2010

it's my party and i'll cry if i want to

seeing as it's my birthday, and i'm 24, i'm going to give you a birthday present and tell you 24 things you may or may not know about me.

1. sixteen candles is on tv today. dear john hughes, thank you for the wonderful birthday present.
2. i can almost always correctly predict the time, to the closest minute.
3. i'm worried i have an addiction to striped shirts. when i do my laundry, that's all i'm ever folding.
4. i love dill pickles. i once got a 5 lb. jar of pickles for my birthday. i don't love them that much.
5. my secret dream job is to travel around and interview actors and musicians over delicious brunches. hey, it's my dream job. don't make fun.
6. you've heard of cat ladies? well, i'm going to be a dog lady. i watch dog shows and take notes. at last count, i was at 15 possible dogs.
7. i've been a vegetarian for two weeks. maybe a little too early to be labeling myself?
8. when i can't sleep, i plan out my dream greece vacation. yes, it's basically sisterhood of the mamma mia traveling pants.
9. i can't drive stick. and i'm going to predict that i never will.
10. i do my crosswords in pen. sometimes i even finish them.
11. gps' stress me out, so i have a stack of written out directions in my side door pocket from everywhere i go.
12. i love big band music. natalie cole's unforgettable with love cd is my absolute favorite.
13. i have freckles in the shape of the big dipper and an equilateral triangle on my arm.
14. i can recite the lindsay lohan parent trap beginning to end.
15. i don't understand the twilight phenomenon.
16. i did, however, sit on a bookstore floor for hours waiting for a harry potter book, so i shouldn't judge.
17. i've idolized audrey hepburn for as long as i can remember. i have a huge, framed poster of breakfast at tiffany's over my bed that is my version of a dreamcatcher.
18. since i was a kid, i've had a fascination with the 1940s and World War II. can't wait until they invent time travel, because that's the first place i'll go. jane austen england shortly thereafter.
19. i have crazy, vivid, out-of-left-field dreams almost every night. inception owes me royalties.
20. my mom diagnosed me with lyricosis, the strange disease that causes me to sing the words to songs horribly wrong.
21. i'm quite picky about how the dishwasher is stacked. there's always a more efficient way to get everything in there.
22. when i was a kid, i pretty much thought maryann from the babysitter's club was the coolest ever. after all, she was the only one who had a boyfriend.
23. i love watching procedural crime dramas. i sort of feel like i could be a decent criminal profiler with the amount of stuff i watch. can't be that hard, right?
24. this took me way too long to think of stuff about myself. i think i'm going to take myself out on a date and get to know myself a little bit better.

p.s. dear jake ryans of the world: i'm still waiting for my birthday wish to come true.


McKenna said...

You are right. I didn't know that stuff about you! Definitely fun to read though, I applaud that post :)

Amanda Evans said...

Happy Birthday!! Love the post - I also can predict time very accurately - but somehow that doesn't translate into consistent punctuality for me...

Jenn said...

Hey I hope you had a great birthday! I also love reading about the 1940s and WWII. I'll travel back in time with you!

Rebecca said...

Oh Brittany! You are so cool! :) I love Audrey Hepburn, Jason has kindly sat through many movies so that I can gush about her and he knows a little better what I'm talking about. Ditto on the Twilight thing, I've never seen the most recent movie, mostly because I'm sad I'll never get those 90 minutes back from my life due to the last one... but yes, I did wait in the bookstore at midnight for Harry once sooooo

Delaney Bigelow said...

Aww! So cute Brittany! I didn't even know half of those things! hey, you know what? You should imagining ME traveling WITH you on those dreamm Greece vacations!

Rebecca said...

This post explains why I think you are cool. I am later than late, but I hope your birthday was awesome!

Kathryn S. said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and was browsing through some older posts- I have freckles in the shape of the big dipper too! Haha- all this time I thought I was the only one! Hope your birthday was wonderful!