Wednesday, September 1, 2010

and the emmy goes to . . .

can't believe it's that time again, but here we go!

emmys 2010 were great and i think a huge part of that was due to jimmy fallon's great hosting. if you know me at all, you know i'm jimmy's biggest fan. i absolutely loved the opener, which you can watch over and over here. i loved the seemingly random people that kept popping up, except kate gosselin who really should break-up with television.

loved george clooney and his wise words. we need more people like him keeping the spotlight on those in need.

loved the modern family skit. loved that they won. can't wait for it to come back.

and now, the good stuff. or not-so-good, since i'm doing my least favorites first:

anna paquin.
ill-fitting, not the best fabric, and the gold part just doesn't work.

keri russell.
it pains me to say anything bad about keri because i just love her so much, but she could have done so much better. it's not fancy enough for the emmys, and the top does not fit. that being said, everyone watch her new show, running wilde on fox this fall!

tina fey.
when i first saw this, i really disliked it, but now that i've been looking at it, it's not so bad. her hair and makeup is gorgeous, and the dress fits her beautifully. it's just a little weird.

heidi klum.
all right, heidi, we know you have a killer body AND you've had 4 kids. you don't need to prove it to us. a few inches more wouldn't hurt.

lea michele.
she looks amazing. my only comment is that i wish she had done something a little younger, or more fun. but i think the dress is beautiful and the jewelry is great.

kyra sedgwick.
aside from the too-messy hair, she looks stunning. this dress is so beautiful. the color and the pleating? love.

kristen wiig.
yes, it's weird, but so is she. it works for her. and i kind of secretly wish i could wear it too.

kim kardashian.
so proud of her! she looks stunning. classy and so flattering.

julie bowen.
i'm a sucker for ruffles and folds and all things feminine like that. not to mention that it's navy blue and it might just be my favorite.

emily blunt and john krasinski.
i know i've said it before, but i wish these newlyweds were my friends. can you imagine the game nights? seriously though, he looks dashing and she looks so lovely. the color is great, and her vintage-y hair and makeup looked beautiful.

january jones.
a lot of people were hating on this, but she was nominated, so she went big and i think it's amazing. i think her hair is different but it works and the only thing i would change is the shoes.

jayma mays.
wow! since we really only see her all buttoned up on glee, this is quite a change! stunning!

mariska hargitay.
simple, but gorgeous.

nina dobrev.
this girl is on one of my fave new shows, vampire diaries. and she did great in the opener, i didn't know she could sing! i think this look is a little old for her, but she looks beautiful.

dianna agron.
love this, minus one tier of the dress. she's gorgeous though, so she could pretty much wear anything.

claire danes.
when she walked on stage to present, i was blown away. her hair and makeup are flawless, the dress fit amazingly and she just glowed. she won the emmy and she won my best dressed.

what did you think?


{larissa} said...

i found your rundown quite entertaining! you definitely have an eye for what works and doesn't. agreed-navy blue dress was awesome.

wilybrunette said...

i too loved january jones in that dress. i thought it was really beautiful and fun.

Rebecca said...

I love reading your posts about the dresses. I love love watching the red carpet. I really liked Tina Fey's too, it was so different, but cool, and she's cool, so I like it. I also really liked Kim's white dress.