Thursday, December 3, 2009


so the boots finally came and big surprise, they didn't fit. oh, they were plenty wide enough in the calf, but they are apparently for people with blocks for legs, or whose ankles are as wide as their calves. basically, waaay too big everywhere else. so disappointing. not sure if i should try for a smaller size and hope the calf still fits or just return them and use the money for something else. boo.

on the bright side, i also ordered this j. crew sweater a few weeks ago and after being backordered, it came yesterday and it's perfect! i was looking for a sweater with no buttons that could be easily belted over dresses or shirts. it's so soft and the perfect color!


Sarah S said...

Brittany, I was just reading the new issue of Marie Claire - they had boots for big calves and featured these boots (on page 55 if you look for it). The brands were Sudini, Nine West, and Rockport.

Sarah S said...

P.S. - I LOVE the J. Crew sweater!