Sunday, December 13, 2009

What I'm Watching

it is a widely accepted fact that i watch too much television. clarification: i watch too many tv shows, but i am always behind because i never have time to sit down and watch them all. if i actually stayed on top of all of my shows, i'd never leave the couch. however, there are some shows i always make time for:

White Collar

this new show on USA is yet another great original series they've come out with (like Monk, Psych, Burn Notice, In Plain Sight, and Royal Pains to name a few) and i am LOVING it! i've followed Matt Bomer on the last few shows he's done, and i just really get a kick out of him. i love the relationship between the two main characters and their banter. the supporting cast is pretty talented, and i'm crossing my fingers that lots of people are watching.
but let's be honest, this face is the real reason i'm loving White Collar.


While definitely not a show i can watch with everyone in my family, i am getting such a kick out of Glee. of course, i love the singing, especially lea michele and matthew morrison's broadway voices. i'm also secretly in love with resident bad-boy puck. his version of Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" was one of the best things i've seen/heard this season/ever. not sure how i'm going to last until April for new episodes, but buying the soundtracks will definitely help.

NBC Comedy
(30 Rock, Parks & Recreation)

i know some people might dislike 30 Rock simply because they win everything, but there's a reason for that: it's ridiculously funny! i don't often laugh out loud during shows but 30 Rock gets me every time. liz lemon at times borders on crazy, but some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth/the mind of tina fey is genius.

now, amy poehler is one of my favorite comedians out there, but i just did not love parks & rec the first time around. thank goodness i gave it another chance this season because it is on fire! i have been busting my gut at poehler's leslie knope and her ridiculous coworkers. example: check out the episode "hunting trip." i was dying by the end of the episode. comedy at it's finest.

also on nbc: community, which is pretty funny too. but mostly because of troy and abed.

Lie to Me/The Mentalist

these shows are just variations of the same concept: male and female working together, hints at a more than friendly relationship, guy who has special talents and uses them to solve crimes, guys with accents doing a not-so-great job at hiding it and intriguing supporting casts. love them both, LOVE the leads on both shows --i pretty much want to be a combination of teresa lisbon (robin tunney) and gillian foster (kelli williams)-- i also think that i can pretty much be a human lie detector because i've learned so much from the show.

so that's what i'm loving this season. what are you watching?


Risley and Dylan said...

Im totally loving modern family!

Aaron and Emily said...

we don't watch much tv,(we watch in online) but we started watching white collar. Aaron actually enjoys watching this show with me! (And I can't say the "face" wasn't a reason to start watching either, but shh...) -We like how it's sort of a mystery cop show but without nasty gory stuff and murders.

Charlotte said...

Modern Family is the best new show! Love it. Also love The Middle.

Sarah S said...

I'm glad you posted about this! We've never seen White Collar.

I am a closet Gossip Girl fan. But please don't tell anyone else in your family or their opinion of me would drop WAY down. I've watched it for a few seasons now and totally got hooked, despite the raunchy factor.

Though I will say, at least you know what you're getting when you sit down to watch GG. I didn't love that Glee had so much inappropriate stuff, yet was totally being marketed as this great family show! I would be mortified to sit down and watch it with my parents or brother. Or Eli. I do like Glee though - and it seems like it will get better next year...

We also like The Good Wife show. And I'm a little sad that SYTYCD is over (though I haven't seen the results show yet bc we've been so busy).

Ben LOVES Community. I'm not as big of a fan though.

donelle said...

I love Glee and Lie to Me! Two of my favorite shows. And happy to see you mention Monk. Love that one as well. Did you see the finale? It made me cry...haha. Community is probably my favorite show right now though.