Friday, May 8, 2009


Since I missed Wicked the first time it came into Portland, I was so excited to hear it would be coming again this Spring. We managed to get pretty good seats for all six of us (Lindsay was still at school, although she saw it on Broadway) and even though it was way too expensive, it was so worth it.

Once the original cast finished their run, I made up my mind that the other performers couldn't possibly be as good. Idina and Kristin are pretty much the best, in my opinion, so I honestly didn't have high expectations, but I was blown away! I was moved to tears probably three or four times. The staging was amazing, the ladies who played Galinda and Elphaba were phenomenal, and I loved finally learning how the story and the songs fit together. I hope the trend of turning musicals into movies continues with Wicked.

on a side note, was anyone else loving seeing Idina and husband Taye Diggs together on Private Practice? with fellow Broadway alum Audra McDonald as a series regular, I was a little disappointed they didn't break into song!

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