Monday, March 11, 2013

back from the dead

Remember this guy?

Kemal Pamuk, aka Lady Mary's lover who died in her bed?  
Well, he's back, or at least the actor who played Mr. Pamuk is.  

Theo James is the lead in a new TV show, Golden Boy.  It tells the story of a young detective who ends up becoming the youngest police commissioner in NYPD history.  The show switches between Detective Clark's first year and seven years in the future. 

I've watched the first two episodes and I really like it.   You can watch the first three episodes at and the newest episode is on Tuesday at 10:00.  Watch it and let me know if you like it!

picture 1// adelaide
picture 2// yahoo
picture 3// cbs


Kris and Cath said...

My family watches this and I want to get into it. CBS has some great shows!

jb said...

I now have this show set to record. Thanks for the recommendation! Mr. Pamuk is one attractive man.