Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Golden Globes 2013

better late than never, right?  i thoroughly enjoyed the globes this year, especially because tina and amy did such a wonderful job.  and can we talk about how amazing they both looked?  seriously.

here are the dresses:

anne hathaway. 
 i'm not a big fan of the actual dress, but i think 
she looks fabulous. she is rockin' that hair!

connie britton.
 does she ever not look amazing?!

hannah simone.
you know i'm a huge fan of grey and that dark lip is so great.

isla fisher.
sparkly and fun.

jessica alba.
fun color, although the fabric isn't my favorite. 
 i love her hair and how she accessorized the look.

naomi watts.
gorgeous color and such a refined yet stunning look.

amy adams.
i love the shape of this dress so much, but on second glance,
 i wish the color was a bit more of a contrast with her skin.

emily blunt.
so different from her usual and so fun.

helen mirren.
this dress is so visually interesting but simple at the same time.  
and is it weird to covet a sixty something woman's hair?

jennifer garner.
jen always kills it but this look is especially great.  i love red on brunettes.

julianne hough.
the beading is fantastic and i'm loving the rocker hair and makeup.

 kerry washington.
i love the detailing on this dress and how delicate it is, 
but i wish that the slip and hem weren't so obvious.

 lucy liu. 
wow.  just wow.  this dress is amazing! it's very marie antionette meets beautiful wallpaper. and i mean that in the best possible way.  it's daring but i love it.

i also really love her braids! 

well, that's it.  did you watch?  what did you think?  are you getting ready for the oscars this sunday?  i'm counting down the days!

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Kris and Cath said...

I have been waiting for this blog from you Britt! Great dresses... amazing. I didn't get to watch... I need to watch because I have heard it was great.