Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes 2011

did you watch? i actually took notes this year so i could remember whose dress i loved and what jokes made me laugh. turns out that the dresses were amazing--but the jokes? not so much. i like my funny people a little kinder than ricky gervais. but oh well.

here's some of my notes:
--christian bale has an english accent? since when?
--"please welcome ashton kutcher's dad, bruce willis." probably the only joke i laughed at and enjoyed.
--andrew garfield. sigh.
--robert downey is awesome. funnier than the host.
--you know who else is funnier than the host? robert deniro. get him in some more comedies, and i don't mean little fockers
--gosh, natalie portman is just so radiant and her parents are the cutest ever.
--social network? yeah, sounds about right.

all right, here are the goods:
[clearly the stylists schemed to have everyone dress in one of four themes]

navy blue--

amy adams. love the cut-out detailing

tina fey. great jewelry.

romantic neutrals--

julie bowen. grey and gorgeous.

scarlett johansson. sparkly but subtle and refined.

sandra bullock. my favorite. effortlessly beautiful. love the bangs, too.

dianna agron. love the pleating, very simple.

natalie portman. comfortable but super elegant.

leighton meester. beautiful fabric, killer accessories.

emerald green--

mila kunis. the texture is amazing, and could she be any more beautiful?

angelina jolie. kinda out of character, but i really love it.

catherine zeta-jones. good to see her again, and looking amazing, too!


olivia wilde. shutting it down. seriously.

anne hathaway. the most covered up i've ever seen her. . . until she turns around.

and the odd dress out--

claire danes. didn't get the memo, but she looks amazing. halter is a good cut for her.

weird that there were a lot of similarities, but everyone looked so amazing that i don't care. who was your favorite?


Whitney Johnson said...

My faves were Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway. Loved their classic & simple looks! Least fave was prob Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman. And I didn't notice that there were "themes" but you're totally right!

Aaron and Emily said...

christian bale is totally english. havent you seen Empire of the Sun? his first role ever. awesome movie - a Steven Spielberg. he plays the kid, jamie.

Mallory Bigelow said...

Wow, loved the post! I like all the dresses you picked out. I really enjoyed the green dresses and the black sparkly dress!

Charlotte said...

We also did not know that Christian Bale was English! Had to google him right then and there, and then realized he was in Empire of the Sun. I'm glad he won -- I thought he was fabulous in this role!

Hated Ricky Gervais. I think someone scolded him midway through, because he did seem to tone it down for the second half.

My favorite dress was Claire Danes. Maybe because it was so different from all the others, but also because it fit her perfectly and I loved the drape and the color. My least favorite was Michelle Williams. I also didn't care for Angelina's coat hanger shoulders.

Angela said...

Those dresses were all so pretty. It's hard to choose a fav. I thought the same thing about CBale... but I know he has said before that he uses a different accent in every movie he's ever done. Maybe English is his true one?

Better Than A Milk Mustache

Amanda Evans said...

So, I actually think that Sandra Bullock's bangs could look better... but I'm crazy for the dark color. Also, I love Claire Danes - wish I had her body, and I'll take her style too...

I also laughed out loud at the Bruce Willis/Ashton joke (but yeah, that was one of the few times)!

Amber said...

Love Julie Bowen. Also - I really love the header on your blog! :)