Wednesday, May 5, 2010

why didn't anyone tell me!

today i was absentmindedly flipping through a l.l.bean signature catalog while at work and pretty much flipped out as soon as i paid attention. i had no idea that they had such great clothes! i've never thought of l.l. bean as a great place to buy clothes, but since i would wear almost everything i saw, i might have to change my mind. plus, i can actually afford this stuff.

here are some of my favorites!

meetinghouse printed skirt

chambray shirt

[i'd wear those together, i think]

mariner denim striped skirt

[i could live in this skirt]

outfit suggestion on the website. reminds me i have this exact jacket in khaki from gap and i never know how to wear it. perfect for the chilly un-springy weather we've been having.

outfit suggestion on the website. simple and pulled together. my kind of summer uniform.

you should definitely visit and check out the clothes. they also have some cute and reasonably priced shoes.

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